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(8/27/12) This breakout was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hope all of you were watching this one that I alerted to you back on the 19th.. I bought this one right at 4.92 and am holding it for some sort of sell into the morning spike which I expect will happen with all of the momentum this one had into the close. continue to watch and consider an entry at any intraday breakout as this one can keep running. Nice work everyone!

SMBL –  *See below for analysis of the company

(8/27/12) Continue to watch this one trace back to the 12.30’s where a breakout could cause a nice 60-70 cents plus of upside with little downside.


(8/27/12) This one continues to approach its breakout point making higher highs and higher lows at it closes in. Watch for the 7.60 break to happen  which can easily lead to the 7.80s where the real breakout will occur.

(8/19/12) – Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides cash access and data intelligence services and solutions to the gaming industry in the United States and internationally. Beat earnings but not by much.. Climbed a solid 50 cents after a gap up.. closed right at former resistance and if broken we could see another decent run for 50 cent – $1. Breakout point is 7.60. ideal entry would be 7.63

ISIS – *See below for analysis of the company

(8/27/12) This one is closing in on its breakout as well. This one can happen any day now too. keep an eye out for the $14 level to break and hold.



(8/26/12) Smart Balance is in the business of providing and marketing healthier choices like butter spreads, sprays, and other sorts of food products. I have been watching this stock for a while and it seems like every time I’m not available to trade, it moves. It broke out nicely over past resistance about 2 weeks ago and has headed north ever since. We’ve seen some healthy consolidation over the past week and it once again is threatening to breakout. This one can run for a nice 50-60+ cents if it breaks through the 12.30 region. Ideal buy will be 12.35-12.36


(8/26/12) BioScrip Inc. is a pharmacy like CVS who is their biggest rival at the moment. BioScrip reported good earnings on the 9th which led to this nice run we’ve seen. This one has run in the past for multiple days on breakouts and thus it can do so again. It closed very strong on Friday and seems to have some nice momentum. It broke through 3 year resistance to close the day. This one could have .60-$1 plus of upside with very little downside. The ideal entry point would be on the dip of a morning spike which is what I’m expecting for tomorrow. Support level will be $7.87ish and would make for a nice entry point


(8/26/12) This one has been breaking out so nicely for the past week and I am kicking myself for not trading this one… It’s up $1.36 since the beginning of its run and its been ever so gradual. Keep watching for intraday breakouts and sell if it doesn’t continue breaking out. We could see another $1 upside with little risk if this trend continues.


(8/26/12) Nailed this one last week for a solid gain from the $2.20s all the way up to $3.85ish. Congrats to anyone who played this one and profited! This one is still in play at the moment even though it closed down after a gap-up on Friday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fall back down to $2.70’s before up trending again. Watch for good price action to get in and this one could be a nice $1 over a day or two once it finds it bottom. An ideal entry point would be 3.30-3.35 as that is its first resistance level breakout. I will wait until this one breaks out over 3.90 to buy it.


(8/26/12) Has continued to uptrend nicely and is Starting to test the $14 barrier… No visible play until it breaks through $14 but we should either see this happen early this week. Ideal entry point will be a half position on the first dip after the breakout if $14 holds, and then add the other half at the intraday breakout point.. Ideally between $14 and $14.15.


(8/26/12) This stock looks very strong as it has been making higher highs and high lows since its initial dip. No play until it breaks $4.89 but continue to watch.


(8/26/12) Called this one perfectly as it rose last Monday all the way to $5 from the open of $4.44.. It’s been lingering around $5 since but has failed to break through on 3 separate tries. This one has some really nice upside if it can break through and we could see another run of 50-70 cents without much downside at all. Risk/reward if $5 is broken and held is well over 6-1.


(8/26/12) Made for a decent day trade on Tuesday but since then has been consolidating. It seems like a base has formed right at 6.05 (past support) and began to trend upwards. We could see this one re-test the $7 range and break out again but no play until then.


(8/26/12) This stock had a turnaround about a month ago over a positive court ruling in their favor. The stock has been rising ever since. It put up good earnings in the beginning of august and recently rose on Friday due to a positive Seeking Alpha article. This stock is nothing very interesting but the thing that has be intrigued is that 46.6% of the float is shorted and if it has a decent spike, we could see a nice short squeeze upward. I won’t play this one without a nice breakout over 1.28 but if it does we can see it go to 1.50 pretty easy.

WATCHLIST AUG. 20 2012!!!!


(8/19/12) Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd is a telecom expense management provider which has a very small float of 1.09M and traded more than half (662K) on Friday 8/17. Broke out in the morning and fell towards the end of the day on Friday but formed a nice double bottom right at 2.15, its long term peak resistance level, and now has become support…. Clear earnings winner with an impressive increase in operating profit for the quarter which came from an increase in their services revenue. Doubled their EPS from last year and its now at .17. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a nice morning spike followed by some consolidation.. Will watch pre-market as a gap up in very possible, also a buy near 2.15 will be a very good entrance point.


(8/7/12) Pure technical call: Up trending on solid earnings news. Has long term resistance at 13.61ish and it is resting decently close to the barrier. On solid volume, this thing could rocket for 1$+… Potential buy but only if a solid breakout occurs.

(8/8/12) Retraced a bit and looked pretty weak. No play for now but the number id be looking for it to break is 13.24.

(8/19/12) Perfect breakout from my alert on the 8th if you watched it on either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. It broke out, tested support, cracked, and began basing higher and higher. This will be a gimmie for $1-2+ over a few days if it breaks $14 which is quickly approaching.


(8/19/12) Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc is an insurance provider in the US. Reported very positive earnings on Tuesday and ran big on Wednesday. Consolidated on Thurs. and Fri. of last week and closed very strong into the weekend. Had some selling after hours on Friday and got knocked back down… I’d love to see another retest of 4.89 as that is the day high and really its only resistance to $6. In my opinion, there’s a good 40-50 cents of upside with about 10-15 of downside. Watch for a gap up/morning spike and trade accordingly.


(7/26/12) Streamline Health Solutions, Inc. provides workflow and document management technology solutions that enhance efficiencies and business processes for hospitals and physician groups in North America. Has a float of 6.8 million up on good earnings and news of a deal with Craig-Hallum. Just broke resistance at 3.80 and broke out strong to 4.19. Could run again if the volume stays… Potential buy

(7/30/12)Finally broke out of the 3.80 range. Could see some more upside… last time this thing broke out it ran for the next 2 weeks and covered almost 2$/share over that span. Will continue to watch and look to buy if some big bidders come and drive up the volume.

(8/19/12) A nice buy from my first alert at $3.80, (currently at $4.32). Consolidated over the past 2 weeks or so and then ran right back to its highs to close out Friday. The spike on Friday was due to news of an acquisition of Meta Health Technology, a leading healthcare Information management company… This is a good sign of company growth. We could see a nice run of $.50-.60+ with little downside if it breaks out. Likely multi-day runner if breakout is successful..


(8/19/12) – It’s 3 year chart is amazing, upending the whole time. Has been making new highs and hold them for some time… Currently spiked big on Friday and closed very strong. I would expect some profit taking before another run. $6.15 is my ideal buy point as would hold support and continue its trend. It’s likely that its dip will be gradual over a few days to a week but once 6.15 is touched or broken will be the time to trade it. No trade as of now.


(8/7/12) Reed’s, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of natural non-alcoholic carbonated soft drinks, New Age beverages, candies, and ice creams primarily in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Up on news of deals and revenues. Earnings play… Broke out today past long term resistance. Next resistance zone is $6.07ish. Would love to see it go sideways for a day or two and buy it on a fresh break over $5.26. Potential buy

(8/8/12) Gapped higher and crapped out all day on weak volume. Still held the breakout so we could see some additional running in the coming days. No definite play as of now but going up, I’d love to see it break 5.43

(8/19/12) Called this breakout perfectly. Broke out on Friday right at 5.43. This is a perfect buy on any dip down to 5.43 but I’d be happy to get this in the 5.60s


(8/19/12) I am kicking myself for missing this one, but it’s not like I was trading anyways… This was one of the best breakouts I’ve seen in a while. I looked at this one before I went on vacation when it was in the $8.90s and missed out. But it still looks strong and could continue to run if it keeps breaking out. Its next major resistance level is 13.65 so there is still some major meat left on this bone. I’d expect to see some profit taking over the next few days but this one will be one to watch every day.


August 19,  2012

I appoligize for not updating this site for the past week. I was on vacation as well as changing brokers. Will have an updated watchlist for tomorrow the 20th.





GNMK – GenMark Diagnostics, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company, focuses on the development and commercialization of molecular diagnostic testing systems based on its proprietary eSensor detection technology in the United States. The company is up on good earnings and broke through former resistance like a hot knife through butter. We could see another big up day but a day or two of consolidation is much more likely. Continue to watch as any big dip could lead to a good buying opportunity preferably about the midpoint of the breakout candle. Around 6.35ish is my ideal entry.

TTGT – TechTarget, Inc. provides specialized online content and brand advertising that brings together buyers and sellers of corporate information technology (IT) products. The company sells customized marketing programs that enable IT vendors to reach corporate IT decision makers who are researching purchases in specific IT sectors. Another earnings winner with a big breakout candle. Closed right at past resistance and its poised for another big up day if it can break through.. A buy around 4.65-4.70 on a dip would be ideal.

SKYW – SkyWest, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates a regional airline in the United States. Up on good earnings and increased revenues… had a nice morning spike for about $1 after a gap up… looked weaker as the day went on but still held its spike and closed high… We could see another morning spike tomorrow as the stock closed right at past resistance. A breakout past 8.17 could run to 10.

CLWR – Clearwire Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides fourth generation wireless broadband services in the United States. Up on earnings from the 2nd as well as speculation of a deal with Dish network… also the FCC recently revamped their rules for 4g and this company was a winner… Has been up trending for about 2 weeks with today being its biggest up day.. we could see continued spiking and on breakouts this could be a good buy. Ideal entry is around 2.45 but if the up trending continues intraday breakouts could be nice spots to start a position.

SEM – Select Medical Holdings Corporation, through its subsidiary, Select Medical Corporation, operates specialty hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation clinics in the United States. Posted good earning and the company spiked nicely about 2.40/share at its peak. Closed kind of weak and would be surprised to see a morning panic.. the dip could be a good entry point but Its not for me… I will sit on the sidelines and wait for a breakout in the 13.80s.

*Update* – SEM downgraded this morning. Gapped down 75 cents as of now. No play at all  for me at this time.

GCA – Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides cash access and data intelligence services and solutions to the gaming industry in the United States and internationally. Beat earnings but not by much.. Climbed a solid 50 cents after a gap up.. closed right at former resistance and if broken we could see another decent run for 50 cent – $1. Breakout point is 7.60. ideal entry would be 7.63

IO – ION Geophysical Corporation provides geophysical technology, services, and solutions for the oil and gas industry internationally. It operates through four segments: Solutions, Systems, Software, and INOVA Geophysical. Another earnings winner. This stock jumped about $1 by 10:30 this morning. It faded into the afternoon but still healds its breakout and highs. Closed right at past resistance and if broken could run for 50-70 cents. 7.65 on good volume would be a solid entry point

CLNT – Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. manufactures and sells metal components and assemblies primarily used in clean technology industries in China and internationally. It supplies forgings products and fabricated products. This stock as a very low float of 1.7M shares. The company just released new of a new order for product worth $1.8M which caused its spike. Weve seen this spike in the past from 2-8 very quickly. Watch for big volume coming in and a buy on breakouts will be good entries. First buy point is 3.04


XRMB – has been climbing a little each day and smells to high heaven of manipulation. Id be willing to bet this is a future pump and dump but who knows for sure. It is close to $1 and could run a bit if people take notice.

BBDA – another stock which has been trading like an actual stock and smells like manipulation. keep an eye on it and play at your own risk. my ideal entry point would be .0086

*all picks are based on price action.


This is for information purposes only as NikoAgaton is not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. No information herein is intended as securities brokerage, investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security or fund.

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